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We grow beautiful cut flowers and wild flowers on our farm in Somerset. We send wonderfully natural, eco friendly and sustainably grown British flowers by post, as well as designing the most glorious wedding flowers. We also run lots of gardening and flower farming related workshops.

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    At last! All Desires Known is out!Now, for those of you who know me well, you'll know that at heart I AM a novelist. At heart I spend my days closeted in a perfectly appointed room of my own, quiet reigning, dust motes ...
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    Can it be possible? I feel as though Common Farm Flowers has been my life for EVER, and yet, in other moods, it’s existed but for the blink of an eye. We bought this soggy patch of clay in 2004 thinking we’d...
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    People think that March can be a tough month for choices when it comes to British grown, English country wedding flowers. I beg to differ. With all the promise of spring in the fat buds on the trees, pussy willow, heleb...
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  • How to budget for your wedding flowers
    Weddings are expensive activities and the more you plan where the budget is going to be spent, the better you can control the cost of your big day. As soon as the excitement of getting engaged dies down, I would make yo...
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