English country wedding flowers

  1. June wedding flowers from a Somerset Flower Farm

    June wedding flowers from a Somerset Flower Farm Ideas for colours and ingredients for your June wedding. Exclusively seasonal British-grown June flowers.

    We were too busy this year for me to upload many pictures from our June weddings, but in some ways that's a good thing because now I can concertina the very best of them into one blog post.

    We have brides who commission us to provide the full bespoke wedding flowers design service, but we also supply a great many combinations of buckets of flowers for DIY brides as well as sometimes doing the bride's bouquet and bridesmaids', perhaps the buttonholes, or a series of jam jar posies ordered on line or to suit a special scheme over the phone, and then sending buckets of flowers for people to arrange themselves.

  2. Now we are 6! And thank you....

    Now we are 6! And thank you....

    Can it be possible? I feel as though Common Farm Flowers has been my life for EVER, and yet, in other moods, it’s existed but for the blink of an eye. 

    We bought this soggy patch of clay in 2004 thinking we’d be market gardeners of some sort. Clearly we knew NOTHING about gardening, or we’d NEVER have bought this clay voluntarily with the thought of growing quick turnaround crops on it. It was a green desert – acres of thick, cattle-feeding rye grasses with odd stretches of fencing criss-crossing the land. 

    So first we planted hedges - Fabrizio wanted a place he could call hedge world – to break up the space and make some wind breaks. Then we got pigs to work over the space we’d make into a veg patch. Then we had our first child and the pigs became sausages, and the veg was delicious…

  3. Spring wedding flowers for North Cadbury Court

    Spring wedding flowers for North Cadbury Court

    People think that March can be a tough month for choices when it comes to British grown, English country wedding flowers. I beg to differ. 

    With all the promise of spring in the fat buds on the trees, pussy willow, helebores, Lincolnshire tulips, Cornish narcissi and ranunculus, I think March is a magical time to be married. This bride came to see us last autumn planning her spring wedding. She wanted her flowers to look as though they'd come fresh from a garden: unstructured posies full of life and promise. She wanted scent (which we gave her with narcissi,) and when I showed her pictures of spring ranunculus which she could have from our Cornish growers she immediately stopped being wistful about English grown roses being out of season for her wedding. She wanted locally grown flowers, no imports. She wanted scent, and life. 

  4. How to budget for your wedding flowers

    How to budget for your wedding flowers

    Weddings are expensive activities and the more you plan where the budget is going to be spent, the better you can control the cost of your big day. 

    As soon as the excitement of getting engaged dies down, I would make yourself a spreadsheet. Don't roll your eyes at me - I mean it!This spread sheet will be the document on which all your wedding planning can rest. On it I would put every single thing you think you might find yourself spending on to make your wedding dream come true.

    Put everything you've ever dreamed of on the list: from the obvious dress, caterers, wine, cars, photographer, hair dresser, florist, to those little details which you've always fancied: wedding favours, lavender to scatter on the path to the reception, fresh petal confetti, your grandmother's pearls restrung especially so you can borrow them for the day.

  5. Themed wedding flowers by a seasonal florist

    Themed wedding flowers by a seasonal florist

    Here at Common Farm Flowers we love to do ALL kinds of wedding flowers: from working with the budget bride making DIY posies with buckets of flowers we supply, to clients who ask us to design what I call the Full Fragonard, a luxurious wedding flowers scheme indulging flights of fancy and working hard to make the bride's dreams come true. 

    Often, when we plan to install a huge, luxurious scheme, we make a good, but still rough plan, and give the bride a budget, but it's understood that we'll have to play the design aspect a little by ear.

  6. Clever Budget Bride

    Clever Budget Bride

    Here at Common Farm Flowers we often send buckets of mixed flowers to brides who like to arrange their own bouquets and posies. And sometimes they send us wonderful photographs to show us what they made with the selection we sent them. Here's one of our October brides, with a posy, buttonhole, and little delicate half-flower garland for her hair which she made for herself.

    We always work closely with our brides who might have quite detailed ideas of colour and texture for their flowers. This bride wanted warm, autumn colours, and I think she's made some really lovely arrangements with the flowers we sent her. 

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