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  1. DIY Buckets of Fresh Cut Country Flowers

    DIY Buckets of Fresh Cut Country Flowers

    DIY Buckets of Fresh Cut Country Flowers.

    Today, amongst other things, we're cutting flowers for a lovely family party to be held later in the week.  We're just supplying buckets of mixed flowers, cut fresh from our gardens here at Common Farm between Bruton and Wincanton in Somerset.  I've had a chat with the client who rang to tell me what she plans to do with the flowers, so I've cut espeicially tall alliums, foxgloves and huge cardoon leaves for her, for a big arrangement on the hall table, and smaller goodies: sweet peas, aquilegia, buttercups and sweet william, for posies she plans on dotting down the table for the big dinner.  It's great if people tell me really quite exactly what they plan to do with our flowers when we supply them for DIY as I can then imagine what they're going to be turned into, and cut accordingly.  

    You don't have to be an expert florist to be a DIY bucket arranger.  As one client who rang yesterday said, 'Fresh cut

  2. The flower delivery day

    The flower delivery day

    We are what is known as artisan flower farmers, or sometimes farmer-florists.  This means we grow most of the stock we use in our floristry and so our days run slightly differently from that of your more traditional high street florist.  

    We start the day looking at the orders and making up a stem count of what we'll need to complete the orders.  And then we (we being me and Sharon) fill our little trolleys with clean buckets brimming with fresh water, and we set off into the garden to cut the flowers we'll need to fulfil our orders.

    A couple of hours later we meet back in the studio, and by then the main table in there is pretty much groaning with buckets of flowers.  We look at what we have, compare notes, maybe pop out ot get a few more stems of this or that to make sure the balance is right.  And then we have a coffee and sort a bit of admin for the rest of the morning.

    And then, after lunch, we make the bouquets and posies which our

  3. May News

    May News

    Well it’s been a glorious spring - and I hope it’s going to be a glorious summer.  Can it already be May?  It’s planting out a go-go here, despite there being no rain to speak of.  There’s a tunnel full of new dahlias waiting for the 1st June and planting out day.  And in the cold frames more and more plants fattening up nicely for our charity plant sale on 6th May.  And in the studio we have lots of goodies piling up for the plant sale raffle. 
    Plant sale? You say… I know, don’t we all love a plant sale?  Well, for more info on what we’re raising money for have a read of my blog post here

  4. Now we are 6! And thank you....

    Now we are 6! And thank you....

    Can it be possible? I feel as though Common Farm Flowers has been my life for EVER, and yet, in other moods, it’s existed but for the blink of an eye. 

    We bought this soggy patch of clay in 2004 thinking we’d be market gardeners of some sort. Clearly we knew NOTHING about gardening, or we’d NEVER have bought this clay voluntarily with the thought of growing quick turnaround crops on it. It was a green desert – acres of thick, cattle-feeding rye grasses with odd stretches of fencing criss-crossing the land. 

    So first we planted hedges - Fabrizio wanted a place he could call hedge world – to break up the space and make some wind breaks. Then we got pigs to work over the space we’d make into a veg patch. Then we had our first child and the pigs became sausages, and the veg was delicious…

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