Top tips for tipi marquee wedding flowers

Tipi marquees can be quite dark inside.  The canvas comes low to the ground and there's little room for the sides to be open to let in light.  Use this to your advantage when it comes to choosing wedding flowers.  Pale coloured flowers glow in low light.  So go for white in a tipi tent and they'll shine for you.  This last weekend we did masses of white flowers for a gorgeous tipi marquee wedding in a farm field in Somerset.  Usually at this time of year I'd worry that white flowers would just disapear against white table cloths and in the glare of a high summer sun.  However, here, on plain board trestle tables, in the shade of a tipi marquee, our flowers absolutely glowed in the light.  So if you're planning to have a reception in a tipi marquee, think of having white flowers which will show up beautifully against the tipi background.

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