How about a bucket of mixed flowers delivered to your door?

There is a way to cheer yourself up in the dim, dark days of winter.  Order yourself a bucket of beautiful British flowers from us, and eighty stems of loveliness will be delivered to your door.  Then you spend a happy half hour escaping from your life, being the kind of person who has flowers delivered to their door and has time to arrange them.  A bucket of eighty stems will make one huge arrangement, or perhaps one largish jug full and and then three posies - the jug for your kitchen table perhaps, the posies for your bedroom, your bathroom, your BOUDoir perhaps (did you know that the verb BOUDer in French means to sulk?  And that therefore a BOUDoir is, in fact, a sulkery?)

I think a bucket of flowers to play with yourself has to be the perfect treat.  Or if you feel too guilty to order for yourself, then order for a friend, and go round and play with them at their house?  Just a suggestion.

See our flower delivery page for all sorts of ideas for flowery treats.  At this time of year flowers do so much to brighten life.