Keep the flowers you've been given fresh

Keep fresh the flowers you've been given by:

  • Preparing a clean vase by filling it with fresh, cool water.
  • Removing all packaging as soon as you can after receiving them.
  • Snipping a centimetre off the bottom of the flower stems to re-open their cellulose drinking cells.
  • Pop the bouquet into the vase of fresh water, and then snip off the tie holding the bouquet together - the flowers will relax into the vase and fill the space beautifully.
  • Place your vase of flowers somewhere away from a windowsill and also far from radiators or ovens - somewhere cool, airy and out of direct sunlight is ideal.
  • Give your flowers fresh water every day, and in doing so, quickly wash out the vase to prevent the build up of stinky, water dirtying bacteria (the enemy of cut flowers.)  At the same time you could re snip the stems of your flowers to keep the cellulose drinking cells open.
  • This way your flowers should last nicely for you.

Thank you, and have a lovely day.

And since you ask, yes, we do sell bouquets of fresh British flowers and they can be delivered by courier throughout most of the UK.  Order yours here.