Hello friends.  Goodness hasn’t it just been wet?  And windy!  We lost a gate post, but nothing more serious.  But the spring flowers are hanging on in there.  They are a hardy lot!

Now, before we go any further, please could you order your Mothering Sunday flowers now, and then it’s done and I can order up masses of the best quality flowers known to anyone from our gorgeous colleagues in Cornwall, who keep us supplied right until the end of March when the gardens at Common Farm begin to come into flower.

Mothering Sunday is, in fact, the Feast of Mother Church, and falls three weeks before Easter, half way through Lent.  This means that everyone can have a day off their Lenten fast (oh I know all about your giving up wine and chocolate for Lent – by the time you get this will I still be off the butter? Mothering Sunday is a feast day,