Bundles of Willow Whips

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Bundles of Willow Whips

Love the idea of growing your own willow? Then these bundles of willow whips, cut fresh from Common Farm Flowers Somerset willow are just what you need. 

A bundle of different coloured willow sticks ready to strike straight into the ground and grow as new trees. 

Common Farm Flowers is known for the beautiful coloured willow we use in our willow wreaths and hearts for Christmas and Valentine’s.  The perfect time to strike willow direct into a damp corner of your garden is between the end of November and the end of February. 

Willow is a fantastic source of food and shelter for wildlife.  If you pollard your willow (cut the tops off when you cut whips off your trees to make into willow wreaths or use in floristry,) then you’ll find they grow a fat crown out of which new whips grow.  In those crowns you’ll find wrens and goldfinches and blue tits darting about to feed on overwintering aphids while as the pussy willow opens on the stems you’ll hear massed bees feeding on the pollen on sunny days.  We call our willow trees the humming trees because the bees love them so.

These make a lovely alternative Christmas, Valentine's, Mothering Sunday or birthday present! 

The price of £30 includes VAT and P&P. 

Now out of stock but will be available again sometime in November 2019. 

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