Our COVID-19 Protocol

We will soon welcome you back at Common Farm Flowers to take part in our much loved workshops. In order to do this, we’ve worked hard to ensure we have a plan in place the balances health and hygiene, with our customers being able to enjoy their visit to Common Farm Flowers. whilst feeling safe.

We are putting he following plans in place to help us achieve this:

Being prepared  

We are doing what we can to keep abreast of the latest government guidance regarding coronavirus and keeping our customers and ourselves safe.  

We completed a Visit Britain Covid-19 Industry Standard test and have taken all the steps recommended in this test to ensure we adhere to all government advice in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Let’s keep our distance, in the nicest possible way… 

We are blessed with a lot of space at Common Farm Flowers, but nonetheless we are going to reduce our maximum workshop numbers to just 5 participants for now. With Georgie leading workshops this will make for 6 of us being in a space at any one time. Fabrizio will be on hand for regular cleaning but will keep contact with our workshop group to a minimum.

Where possible we will conduct our workshops outside, in our bespoke undercover shelter that we have commissioned.

If we do need to work inside then we will do it with as many doors and windows open as possible.  From October it is expected that we will be able to hold workshops with small groups inside, but we will ensure that windows are open, air flows, and, if government guidelines state that we must wear masks indoors then we will ask our students to wear masks as well as wearing them ourselves.

We would appreciate it if people could do their best to adhere to the 2 metre rule – we know this is more than the government require but if we aim for 2 metres than we can afford to give our take a centimetre or ten. Reducing our expectation to 1 metre doesn’t allow for this. 

Keeping it spick and span

We will be maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in our communal areas. Surfaces that are regularly touched will be cleaned thoroughly before and after a workshop.

We have one loo for our customers to use. Please wash / sanitise your hands before and after using the loo. We will, where possible, clean surfaces in the loo at regular intervals throughout the day. We have removed our regular hand towel from the loo and ask that you instead use the disposable paper towels provided. We would be grateful if you could remember to shut the lid of the loo before flushing.

We will provide hand sanitizer but please feel free to also bring your own if you prefer. 

Food and drink 

For the moment we are not offering food or drink.  If you are coming for a full day’s workshop, please bring your own lunch, as well as a bottle of water, and perhaps a flask of coffee or tea.

Talk to us 

If you have concerns prior to your visit with us, please get in touch and let us know so we can try and work through them.

If during the course of your visit you think of something that could work better then please let us know.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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