Social Media For Small Businesses

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Social Media For Small Businesses

Struggling with how to manage social media for your small business? Join Georgie Newbery on this inspiring day where she will share her knowledge and experience of building a successful business using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Small business owners often struggle with the hows, whys and wherefores of social media. The world of social media can be a minefield, yet it is an amazing way to publicise your enterprise for free.

We have built Common Farm Flowers entirely on the back of using different social media platforms to share what we do here.Come and spend a day with Georgie and be inspired to make so much more of your facebook, twitter and instagram feeds, to tackle them all a little more strategically, and to have fun along the way, so that publicising your business is fun for you rather than a chore, putting you in touch with customers, colleagues, businesses whom you could work with, press, and so much more.  Georgie will transform your approach to using social media to publicise your business.

Georgie will help you create a strategy for your social media posts, making sure they’re timely, apt, make the most of your phone, and massively increase your visibility while not taking up too much of your precious time. Who you are, and what you choose to share, are fundamental to your business image.  A day with Georgie will show you how you can transform your approach to, and understanding of social media engagement, and therefore how your business shows up in an ever-more crowded market.

For more inspiration and tips see our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

The workshop runs from 10am – 3pm and takes place at Common Farm Flowers, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset. Cost includes lunch and refreshments.

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