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Wedding flowers by Somerset flower farmer and florist Georgie Newbery of Common Farm Flowers


A little about our flower farm 

Here at Common Farm we have a seven acre patch, of which about three acres are planted with flowers and shrubs for cutting, and the rest has been planted as woodland, orchards and wildflower meadows with regular ponds, heaps of wood, and composting material for the wildlife. You can read more about us here. 

What kind of wedding flowers do we offer? 

Here at Common Farm Flowers we believe in doing less, better.  And so we specialise in one branch of wedding flower design: we want our flowers to be affordable for everyone getting married. We work on small weddings and we supply DIY wedding flowers. Often we will arrange the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid’s posies and buttonholes and our wedding couples then order buckets of cut flowers to arrange themselves for their venue. 

We only supply British, seasonal flowers, which are grown on our farm in Somerset. 

From April till early October our farm is designed to be in full flower and ready for cutting for your wedding. We cut all of our wedding flowers to order, so yours will be cut especially for you, bearing in mind the arrangements you plan to make with them, and the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your day.  

We are artisan flower farmers, so we don’t grow in huge quantities of any particular variety: our fields are planted as anything but a monoculture. They are a polyculture of many different kinds of shrubs and flowering plants, which means you’ll have lots of different kinds of focal flowers, filler flowers  and foliage, as well as those little accents which will give the flowers at your wedding or event a really garden look.  

What geographical area do we cover? 

If you are looking for locally grown flowers for your wedding or event and you are holding your celebration near the postcode area BA9 then we can help.

Based between Bruton and Wincanton in south east Somerset, Common Farm Flowers is an ideal supplier for venues from Frome to Castle Cary to Sherborne and back round to Shaftesbury via Gillingham.  The flower farm is easy to find for flower collection, just off the B3081 between the Tinkers’ Hill interchange on the A303 and Charlton Musgrove.

If you live outside our area then please take a look at our wedding affiliates page, where we suggest colleagues around the country who share our ethos, who may be able to help you. 

DIY wedding flowers - how can we help you? 

If you like the idea of arranging the flowers yourselves, not only because you’ll save a good deal of money, but because the idea of friends and family gathering the day before your event to help create flower arrangements to dress your special day makes you smile, then we are the suppliers for you.

As well as wanting to make our wedding flowers affordable, we want to actively encourage people to be involved in creating their own wedding and event flowers with our help and support. Imagine how proud you’ll be in years to come when people admire your wedding photographs and you say, remembering, ‘Yes, we did the flowers ourselves with the help of a flower farmer we found nearby.’

Now we do understand that people may be nervous about creating their own bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ posies and buttonholes, so we are very happy to offer that service. 

We also understand that people may be enthusiastic, but are not sure where to start with their DIY wedding flowers. We can help build your confidence, as we offer a number of wedding flowers demos and workshops.

You may dream of going the whole way and growing your flowers too and in that case we will support you through the whole process. We have a workshop or demo to match every stage of growing and creating wedding flowers.  This way if you are planning on growing some or all of your flowers, harvesting, conditioning as well as creating arrangements with them, we can help with a tutorial to match.

Our Wedding Flowers 

We’ve created our Affordable Wedding Flowers range of options. From our list of wedding flowers you can mix and match the selection which suits you.  We are very clear about our pricing so that you know exactly how much everything will cost and can choose according to your dream and your budget.

If you order your wedding flowers from us we have a very simple system.  Our flowers are designed to be affordable, and so we take full payment up front.  If ever you want to add to your order you can do this at any time until a month before the wedding, after which we may be sold out, although we’ll always try and find extra for you if you need.  If ever there’s an unforeseen crisis and the event is postponed or even cancelled we ask for a month’s notice for full refund. 

So our prices are as follows. They all include VAT but not delivery.  One of the ways we keep our prices so reasonable is that we ask you to collect from us.  We can have all the flowers you order from us available for collection from us from 9am the day before your wedding so that you have all day to make arrangements. 

You can see all our wedding flower offerings here or click below to see details of individual arrangements. 

Mixed buckets of DIY wedding flowers

Bride’s bouquet

Bridesmaid’s Posies


Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers book  

Wedding flower workshops and demos at Common Farm Flowers and online 

More about our wedding flowers

We don’t guarantee so many stems of this or that in your wedding flower mix, because your flowers are cut from a real garden close to your venue.  We do guarantee a gorgeous mix that will look as though it has been cut from a real garden, because it has been!  We are happy to work with any colour scheme, but Georgie is well known for her artistic eye so don’t be surprised when you find a tiny pop of contrast in the mix which makes your whole scheme sing.

None of our flowers are treated with flower preserving chemicals. Instead, all our flowers are supplied in water, with clear instructions for their care to make sure they are a true highlight of your day. 

We grow organically and our most important customers are the rest of the animal and insect life which live with us here on the farm.  We will, therefore, be careful to keep our blackfly and greenfly here at the farm, and not deliver them to you.  After all, if they aren’t here what will our flourishing colony of ladybirds eat?

If you are looking for large, installation style wedding flowers, we are not the florists for you.  Please do look up our talented neighbouring colleagues Fleur Provocateur and Tattie Rose Flowers, both world class in the field of luxurious wedding scapes.

If however you’d like to create your own then come to us. You can get in touch with us here. 

Wedding suppliers we love to work with 

We are lucky to be surrounded by many, many brilliant wedding suppliers. We've listed a few of them on our links page. 

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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