YouTube Club

Did you know we have a YouTube Club? See below for Club benefits and sign up for our YouTube Club newsletter. 

What does being in the YouTube Club mean? 

By joining the club, you will get: 

Exclusive club discounts

Enjoy 10% members discounts on our workshops, demos and other products available on our website. 

Members-only live Q&A sessions

Members can join regular live Q&A sessions with Georgie, on topics suggested by club members. These sessions take place most weeks, apart from during school holidays. 

Exclusive behind the scenes videos

Member only videos of life with Georgie on the flower farm in Somerset, as well as sharing of more detailed information about running the flower farm. 

Ad-free videos, longer clips & no mention of buying coffees!

Our members videos will be free from adverts, are often slightly longer than our non club videos and there are no requests to 'buy me a coffee'!

Monthly newsletter 

Sign up below to receive our YouTube Club newsletter. 

Photos and status updates

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes member-only photos via our Community tab.



The YouTube Club Newsletter 

Keep up to date with YouTube Club news by signing up for our Club Newsletter. This will land in your inbox roughly monthly. Sign up here:

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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Flower subscriptions from common farm flowers

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