A Monday update

The start of the week and a very productive Monday!

A tour of my vase collection

Is being a flower farmer an easy gig?

Here my thoughts on the question 'is flower farming easy?'

A working day at Common Farm

Join Georgie as she works through a day on the farm

Four different floral looks for February

Join Georgie as she shows you how to create four different floral 'looks' with the same ingredients.

Do flower farmers have to teach workshops?

Here are my thoughts on flower farming and if you also need to teach as a flower farmer.

Why grow flowers for sale?

Thoughts on flower farming and why I do things the way I do.

Making it Christmassy at the farm

Join Georgie as she goes full hygge ahead creating a cosy atmosphere for Christmas.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Our eco-friendly ethosRead more

Flower subscriptions from Common Farm Flowers

Flower subscriptions from common farm flowers

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