How I feed my dahlias and roses

Time to feed the dahlias and roses

The Discovering Dahlia day at RHS Wisley

Join flower farmer and florist Georgie Newbery as she heads off to RHS Wisley to give talks and demos at their Discovering Dahlias day. 

September 2022 News

Well hello friends.  I’m sorry I’ve been rather a stranger to the newsletter over the past few months, but the summer is always a tough time for m...

June in the garden

Find out what's happening in the garden at Common Farm Flowers this June.

The May garden at Common Farm Flowers

So what am I up to in the garden next? Well, I am prepping the beds for the dahlias to be planted out, though they haven’t all shot yet, let alone ...

How to lift dahlia tubers

This month we are busy lifting and storing dahlia tubers - a garden job for after the first frosts. Find out how we do it here, why we are doing it this year and what will happen to the tubers next spring.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Our eco-friendly ethosRead more

Flower subscriptions from Common Farm Flowers

Flower subscriptions from common farm flowers

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