June in the garden

June in the garden

What’s happening in the garden?  Good question! With weddings and workshops and trips to London are we behind?  Not quite! 

The dahlias are sitting ready to plant out on Monday next – 30th May, two days earlier than my calendar date of 1st June.  

And the rest of the trayed seedlings are fattening up nicely, being planted out in chunks.  I treated myself to an array of new back door pots which have been littering the yard since. 

So when the garden is finally planted up for this year I’ll have a rave up by the back door and plant those pots up with gorgeous colour – I must go and see if they have trays of wild-coloured coleus at the plant nursery. 

And then in a fortnight or so it’ll be time to sow next year’s biennials.  And so the year turns. 

I always feel that sowing biennials for next spring is a commitment to flower farming for another year. 

Join me on my biennials workshop and I’ll help make sure next spring and early summer is a blaze of colour for you too.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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