In our bouquets of British flowers for flower delivery this week

In our bouquets of British flowers for flower delivery this week we have:

cornflowers, sweet peas, Canterbury bells, spirea, alchemilla mollis, roses, wild scabious, bupleurum, sweet William, ammmi majus, Chinese forget me nots, nigella, feverfew, toadflax, physocarpus, penstemons, phacelia, delphinium (requienii)...

It's a wonderful time of year in the garden, and we have a great choice of flowers to use in our bouquets by post.  So order some, for commiseration, congratulation, for weddings, for parties, for babies, for illness, for wellness, for hope, for comfort...  Our English country flowers are good for saying anything you need to say.

In the garden today?  

Well, we finally finished planting out another 78 dahlias into a new bed.  The old beds are looking a little tired, and while they have a good chunk of dahlias in them, almost in flower now, at the end of the season we'll lift them all, sow a crop of phacelia, and plough that in as a green manure next spring before re planting.  

And today we sowed the first of the biennials: five different kinds of wallflowers to flower from the beginning of March next year.  When we start sowing biennials I know that we're committed to carrying on for another year: and in the past week I've taken a wedding booking for next June, a booking for a garden tour for next June, and now I've sown flowers to start our season off next year.  I guess we're in the flower growing business for a nother twelve months then!