Cafe au lait dahlia

Cafe au lait dahlia

Please welcome back the cafe au lait dahlia.  

This coy beauty would rather a place in the back row of the chorus, so slow is she to flower.  No Karma Choc she, the cafe au lait is a labour of love to grow, and when she does grow well for you, goodness but the word 'floriforous' does NOT apply to her.  Which is why I have fifteen cafe au lait plants compared to three or five of other dahlia varieties.  Because when she does flower... as you can see, her blushing beauty is quite a thing.  

No photograph EVER does a cafe au lait dahlia justice.  She is INFINITELY more subtle in colour, almost as though she glows from inside, than she ever shows herself in photographs.  I adore her, and as soon as I have ONE flower I've learned never to wait, but to cut her quick and pop her into a bouquet.  Here she is with Graham Thomas roses, scabious, nigella, another pinker dahlia less precious and so I'm afraid I've forgotten her name (though fond of her I am, and though good worker she is!)  

I will admit I've never had a cafe au lait dahlia in flower so early in the season - but this season has been hot hot hot and so everything seems about a month early.  Still, while counting my blessings I'm also anticipating a deluge (forecast to start 38 minutes ago and still not a hot, fat drop of rain has shown itself, though the air is strangely still, the sky ominously dark, and to describe me, sitting in my (relatively) cool office as doing anything so refained as 'gently glowing,' would be a gross understatement.)  So we may have no dahlias at all tomorrow after the deluge has been and gone.  The whole garden may be flattened, ruined, bruised, battered, smashed to pieces.  

Well, if it is, at least I had one cafe au lait dahlia this season to call my own... oh, wait, no, I can't call it mine, I put it in a flower delivery bouquet and sent it off with a courier to be delivered to some other lucky person! At which I sigh, roll my eyes at myself, and head to the kitchen where gin awaits.  What else is there to do when waiting for a storm but drink gin?  After all, it's a bit late to start staking the weak points in the garden now!

Come back tomorrow to see if we survived.  

And have a very good evening!


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