The art of the thank you

The art of the thank you The art of the thankyou is one usually expressed in a letter. Do you remember the agony of thank you letter writing as a child? The need for ink pen, writing paper, writing enough that the letter went over the page... My mother used to bribe us with a box of chocolates, one of which was allowed each time a thank you letter was written. She had five brothers and sisters, all of whom sent us Christmas presents, and each of us had five godparents. And we were lucky to have two full sets of grandparents well into adulthood. Childhood thank you letter writing was an agony. And then we grew up, and the habit of the thank you letter had become so strong, that the guilt when one didn't post a little something, properly written, in ink, long enough to go over the page, thanking for the thing, asking after the giver's health, the health of their family, expressing hope that one would see the giver again soon... A cousin gave an incredibly generous family party last weekend. I still haven't written to her. And as I type Sharon is in the studio packing up today's flowers, some of which are thank yous. I reach for an order form, and order a big bouquet of my own, home-grown garden flowers to send my cousin by post as a thankyou. It was a serious party. I think she deserves a bunch of flowers.

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Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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