Monday update - 10th April 2023

Monday update - 10th April 2023

Good morning friends


It’s Easter Monday, which means it’s a ‘Bank Holiday’ in the UK (ie a day off work in theory!) It has been a beautifully sunny Spring weekend here in Somerset so lots of time outdoors - a little work, a little pleasure!


I thought I would give you a brief look ahead at the next few days. The children are still off school so it’s slightly quieter than normal, with no workshops scheduled but I am not off work completely so have a few things I need to get done.


The sunshine of the last few days, following the heavy rain we had in March, means the flower farm has well and truly sprung into life now. You might have seen I cut my first tulips last week and the arrangements I shared in last Thursday's video were cut entirely from the farm. It’s always an exciting time when we start to cut our own grown flowers again! Anyway, given how green and flowery it’s starting to look I thought I would try and do you an April tour of the flower farm very soon. So I hope that’s something to look forward to.


We’ve been planting out our seedlings for a few weeks now but it’s also time this week to sow some more - so I’ll take you along with me whilst doing that so you can see what seeds we sow in April. And then I am also hoping to get chance to share with you my thoughts and workings when creating smart Spring flowers for a dinner party. Let’s see what we can cut from the farm for that and how the flowers turn out. 

If you are in the YouTube club I very much hope to be able to do you a long awaited update on The Project as things are hopefully going to get moving again on that front very soon. Also, for the Clubbers - a reminder that there will be a Live At Five this week on wedding flowers. I’ve scheduled the session on the membership page so you can sign up to be notified when it starts. (You may need to scroll down a little to see this as there’s been other things added since then!) Don’t forget to let me have your questions on this topic over on YouTube. 

And if you aren’t in the club but would like to join the club you’d be very welcome. You should see a JOIN button on our YouTube home page although this doesn’t seem to show up if you are using the YouTube app. Or click here to find out more. 

There are no live workshops this week but there’s chance to buy recordings of some of our other recent workshops:

The Perennials For Cutting Workshop
The Lifestyle Business Workshop 


I’ll be back to live online workshops on 19th April for The Social Media Workshop which is always popular.


Right, as usual, that was anything but brief. Have a good Monday and I will see you later in the week!

Georgie x







Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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