November 2020 News

November 2020 News

First of all, may I just say a big fat THANK YOU! Throughout this strangest of years you have really kept us going with your orders.  AND you are understanding when I realise we ought to be on holiday a different week from the one I’d booked, and you send kind messages wishing us bon voyage when I explain that your flowers will arrive a week later.  So, really, thank you kindly.

And thank you for loving our online workshops too!  They keep selling out!  I’ve known I should run online workshops for years, but it only takes a world pandemic stopping us from having students physically here to make us work out how to hold workshops online.  There are masses of different kinds of online workshops popping up, and having looked at all the options, we’ve chosen to hold ours live because I feel much better talking directly to students so that I can see their reactions and know I’m giving out the kind of information the students have paid good money for!

To my astonishment I find that people are booking sometimes three online sessions at a time!  Which means that we were right to chop up some of the material we talk about at some of our physical face to face workshops (beginning again here at the farm next spring,) and turn them into hour and a half long sessions with small groups of students and lots of time for questions (questions on the Wednesday workshops which are longer and slightly more businesslike subjects. Fridays are shorter demonstrations for fun floral projects.)

I love that the fun floral demonstrations on a Friday afternoon are proving popular too.  These are flowery demos, hopefully inspiring you to go out and have a forage round your gardens over the following weekend and create some gorgeous goodies too.  I think with a lot of people still working from home through the winter, and with social life still limited – there’s an understatement! – a floral project on a Friday night, with ideas so that you could meet up with a friend outside over the weekend and make something fun with what you forage, will be good for floral skills, fresh air, creative buzz, AND social life – we do try and cover all bases here at Common Farm Flowers.

Meanwhile I feel (as usual,) under pressure in the garden! 

So happy gardening friends.  And thank you for your support.  Feel free to order flowers and wreaths for Christmas gifts (we are getting close to selling out of wreaths already!) And the workshops, both online and physical here at the farm next spring, make wonderful presents too. And you might like to join us on our festive workshops - Create A Foraged Christmas Willow Wreath and / or our festive decorations workshop, Deck The Halls. 

See you soon and happy gardening!

Georgie x

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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