Feed The Bees

Feed The Bees

Feed the bees and other pollinators with a gorgeous bee friendly flower seed mix from our friend and collaborator Benjamin Ranyard of Higgledy Garden fame.

We have teamed up with Ben in order to be able to offer friends and followers of Common Farm Flowers a discount of 25% on the normal price of the Higgledy Garden Bee Friendly Seed Mix. Fabrizio’s famous phrase, ‘Look after the invertebrates, and the rest of the food chain will look after itself,’ is underplanted by mixes of seed like this. This amazing mix of seeds contains several varieties of flowers, weighs 60g and contains enough seeds to cover a patch of 20 square metres. It will flower all summer long and hopefully into the autumn.

There’s no need to apply a discount code at checkout – the price you see on the Higgledy Garden website already includes this discount. The offer lasts until 31st March but stocks are limited so don't wait too long to order, just in case.....

To enjoy the benefits of this lovely seed mix you’ll need:

On a day in April, when you can feel the earth radiating seed-germinating warmth, scatter the seed onto your fine tilth. Water gently over the seed to make it sink a little into the earth, and if you can still see the seed on the surface of your earth, rake it in lightly, running the rake back and forth over your little patch to distribute the seed evenly. Keep the ground watered every few days so that the unfurling seedlings don’t dry out, and watch with infinite pleasure as the tiny green shoots begin to colonise the patch you sowed. From then on water only once a week, and only if there’s been no rain.

Soon your patch will fill up with this gorgeous mix of bee fodder/colour pop. If you deadhead your bee friendly patch the flowers will keep flowering for longer, and will feed the bees for longer, and so, you will have looked after the invertebrates, and in doing so, also looked after yourselves.

You can read more about sowing a bee friendly flower meadow on the Higgledy Garden website - click here. 

We'd love to follow your flower patch growing if you do order the seeds! Tag us using #commonfarmflowersbees so we can see your flowers grow and the bees buzzing! 

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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