Wedding flowers delivery

Wedding flowers delivery

Wedding flowers delivery.

It's a huge compliment to be asked to do flowers for a wedding.  People come to us for wedding flowers because they like our country style, and our use of real, home-grown not flown flowers.  They like the fact our flowers won't cost the earth in that they're only available throughout the UK, and that we never use flowers flown in from across the globe.  Ours might be a fairly niche market, but I like the fact that every bouquet we make, every time a bride calls us for help in doing her flowers, or in this case, the friends of the bride call us to surprise her with her flowers, we are showing the world that locally-grown flowers are lovely, are filled with surprising goodies not necessarily easily available from the high street florist or flower wholesaler, and we show that English garden flowers, cut to order, conditioned properly, arranged beautifully, and packaged with enormous care, can be perfect for a truly special day.

These flowers were cut on the day before yesterday, first thing in the morning, conditioned, arranged and sent by courier that very afternoon.  They went with five perfect buttonholes to arrive yesterday.  The bride has good instructions for looking after her flowers after they arrive.  And today when she walks down the aisle, I hope they are a lovely lovely addition to her day.  What a compliment to be asked to do them for her.

In this bouquet the ingredients are: alliums, cornflowers, wild viburnum, roses, aquilegia, sweet rocket, ranunculus, physocarpus, mint, ammi majus, orlaya grandiflora, astrantia - and I expect more... 

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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