Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to the Club!

Some of you may have noticed that a new button has appeared on our YouTube channel page. Yes, we have finally launched the Common Farm Flowers members club as one of our exciting new things for 2023.

Whilst we will of course carry on with our videos here on the channel, the club will offer something a little extra.




Georgie will host regular members only question and answer sessions - usually topic based where you have the chance to pre submit your questions and Georgie will do her best to answer them during the session.

There will be members only clips, chat and photos along with membership badges and special Common Farm Flowers emojis, cleverly designed by Studio Louise from nearby Bruton.

Members will also get to witness the development of THE PROJECT. This is another exciting development for 2023 that is taking place at Common Farm Flowers. You will have heard Georgie mention this on various videos previously, but in this short video she offers more insight into the plans and how she sees the space evolving. Going forward, videos showing the development of these plans and ideas into a real life studio and redesigned flower farm and all that will go alongside this will be for members only.

So enjoy this wintery glimpse into what is to come! And, if you're able, do please support the club. We're looking forward to you joining us.

Meanwhile thank you ALL for your support in enabling us to get to the point where we feel able to launch a club. Your encouragement has helped us decide to do this and we are very grateful for this.

Be reassured that you will still get to enjoy all the usual updates from Common Farm if you're not able to join the club at this time - including our tours of the farm, tips on the flower farmers year, behind the scenes as we arrange flowers for parties, weddings and our regular clients and regular appearances from Teacake!

Click here to join our club

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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