Why be a flower farmer?

Why be a flower farmer?

Why be a flower farmer?

Well, not for the money, that's certain.  Not if you like a short working day with a certain pay check at the end of it.  Not if you like glamorous foreign holidays, or an excuse to buy sparkling shoes because you need them for work. 

Why be a flower farmer?

Because you may not earn much, but you can make a great saving on gym membership.

Because you can turn your garden into a haven for wildlife and call it work.

Because your commute is a gentle stroll across to the flower beds with a cup of tea in hand, sniffing the wind, stealing a march on the day while the rest of the world still slumbers, and the sun climbs into the sky in the east and the moon sets, and the air is clean, and sharp, and the day heady with possibility.

Be a flower farmer if you hate winter, because throughout the autumn you plant spring, and those tiny seedlings, nestling in greenhouse or field, are what you focus on in the dark days, watching them, seeing their tiny unfurling of promise as the spring equinox comes by.

Be a flower farmer if you like the feel of seed rolling in the bowl made by the palm of your hand, the warmth of compost in a tray, the satisfaction of a neatly written plant lable.  If you love the ping of seeds germinating almost as much as your family (perhaps more!) If you love the promise of a stretch of bed all freshly prepped with new compost, raked, fed, ready for seedlings to be planted into it, or seed to be sown.

But above all?  Be a flower farmer if you have energy to spare, love a challenge, don't mind the idea of actually selling what you grow, can turn your head into a permanently humming spreadsheet of sowing and harvesting plans (all with financial returns attached.)

Be a flower farmer if you dream of developing your friendship with your garden into a relationship so intense it's hard to go away for a weekend let alone a holiday.

Be a flower farmer because you can't resist it any longer.


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Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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