Arranging garden flowers

Arranging garden flowers


Top tip when cutting garden flowers: take a bucket of water to the plant and cut straight into water so that the flower doesn't even have a chance to realise its been cut before it's being given a lovely long drink.  Never allow a flower stem to dry out when you cut it - that's what'll make it flop when you do eventually put it in water.  For many more top tips... come along to our posy tying and garden floristry workshop next week! 

People often say to me that they struggle with flowers they cut from their garden: they find that their flowers flop quickly, that they are difficult to arrange, they daren't cut their garden flowers for fear their gardens will look shorn afterwards.

Spend a day with us next Tuesday and I'll show you how to cut flowers successfully, how to stop them flopping before you've had a chance to arrange them, and how to make lovely garden arrangements for your own house or as presents for your friends.

We spend the morning tootling round all our acres of cut flowers with a trolley filled with buckets of water and you can cut anything you like into your bucket - ANYTHING!  And then we have a cheery (and delicious!) lunch.  And then we spend the afternoon making arrangements with the flowers you've cut.

It's a great fun day, filled with flowers and laughter.  And you take home not only the arrangements you've made, but new found confidence when it comes to cutting and arranging your own garden flowers.

Book now and give yourself a real treat. x

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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