Books about growing flowers

Books about growing flowers

Join Georgie as she has a look at some of the flower growing and flower farming books she's come across over the years she's been growing flowers for sale.

With good reasons to look at all of them, and consideration for all when deciding which to buy, Georgie gives you a good choice to look at, and picks her top three favourites. Wider reading options also recommended.

Georgie's books, The Flower Farmer's Year, and Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers are both available to order here and from all good booksellers, both online and at your local indie bookshop.

Authors mentioned here:

  • Georgie Newbery - The Flower Farmer's Year
  • Georgie Newbery - Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers
  • Sarah Raven - The Cutting Garden
  • Rachel Siegfried - The Cut Flower Sourcebook
  • Claire Brown - The British Flowers Book
  • Milli Proust - From Seed to Bloom
  • Marianne Mogandorff Camilla Romain - How to Grow the Flowers
  • Lynn Byczynski - The Flower Farmer
  • Erin Benzakein - Cut Flower Garden
  • Celestina Robertson - Cut Flowers
  • Lorraine Harrison - RHS Latin for Gardeners 
  • James Rebanks - English Pastoral
  • Jo Silva - The Wrecker's Curse

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Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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