Take part in the RHS Chelsea Fringe

Take part in the RHS Chelsea Fringe

Take part in the RHS Chelsea Fringe.

My gardening friend and colleague Michelle Chapman (@malvernmeet on twitter,) has had a brilliant idea.  She's accredited the hashtag #mygardenrightnow as an official RHS Chelsea Fringe event.  

She wants all of us ordinary gardeners to celebrate our precious patches by taking and posting lots of photographs of our gardens during RHS Chelsea Flower Show week.

After all, while the Chelsea Flower Show show gardens are works of perfection rivalled only in ephemeral beauty by the salt mandalas of Nepalese monks made painstakingly over a period of weeks only to be blown away to remind those monks that the beauty they can make is just transitory, so those show gardens also are works of ephemera, created at enormous cost, to be admired by us all over just a few days, and then, pouff! Gone - as though they were just fictions of our imaginations.

Our own gardens though are real works: our backs know that we've made them, our hands know that we've sown the seed, potted on, planted out, frost-proofed and wind-protected, and sometimes even succeeded in growing something lovely.  Our gardens are made as more permanent sanctuaries for our world-whizzed selves, and the spaces we make may not be perfect, but oh we love them, and their value to us and the wildlife which lives in them too, is certainly worth celebrating.  

So take your pics and share them around, let's make #mygardenrightnow a huge RHS Chelsea Fringe success. 

The dates for sharing pictures with the #mygardenrightnow hashtag are the 3rd and 4th June (Chelsea Fringe week.) Go for it! 

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