The Garden in August

Find out what we are up to in the garden this August - often thought of as a quiet month for us gardeners, but as always there is plenty to keep us busy!

August News

Well hello there my flowery friends.  How can it possibly be the beginning of August?  I know I say this every month, but you might have thought that during a pandemic time would go more slowly.  Mind you, we have been busy… 

The Garden in July

What are you doing in your garden this month? For us it's all about the biennials (and weeding and lawn edging!) Read more here.

July News

Well hello there friends.  How are you all doing? We are slowly unlocking ourselves and working out what this means for Common Farm Flowers over the next few months. Find out more here. 

June in the Garden

What are we doing in the garden in June? Well still sowing seed, that’s what we’re doing. Using up the leftovers time for the end of the season, an...

June News

What a long time it’s been!  I will admit I rather lost the will and all that at the end of April and simply couldn’t think of a positive thing to say to you all, so thought better to say nothing at all. But June is here and so am I!

The Garden in April

Now, since few of us are foolish enough to leave the house these days, I think we can really safely encourage people to focus on their gardens.  Mi...

April News

Well, you are a lovely lot.  We are usually quiet at this time of year, between Mothering Sunday and Easter, but you are ordering and ordering your...

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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