January in the garden - what are we up to?

What are we doing in the garden as we move through January? Well, there is quite a lot to be done. Read a little of it here but catch up with what we are doing on YouTube too! 

January 2022 News

The end of another year, the beginning of another: an obvious time to consider achievements of the past, and objectives for the future. Read our January news to see what we are planning fas 2022 begins.

November 2021 News

Goodness friends, the year has pretty much escaped us again!  Here I sit awaiting the delivery of 4,500 tulip bulbs, reflecting how, without any drama, 2021 has seen Common Farm Flowers become the business I always wanted it to be. 

The October Garden At Common Farm Flowers

What are we doing in the garden this October? Well, I will admit I haven’t quite planted those narcissi I ordered yet, not only because as I write it’s not quite the end of September, but because I’ve been waiting for this promised rain to loosen up the soil enough to get a spade in! 

October 2021 News

I feel as though this update should read, MISSION STATEMENT! It may not have appeared so over the years, but we have always had a plan here at Common Farm. Read on to find out more about what that means.

The September Garden At Common Farm Flowers

Find out what will be keeping us busy in the garden at Common Farm Flowers this September.

September 2021 News

How are you feeling as the summer folds gently to its close?  Here, I will admit, that though at times the rain felt relentless, the garden has not complained. 

June 2021 News

In our June news we chat about going greener, being back on YouTube, having fun on Instagram and adding more workshops to our calendar - including Autumn dates.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Our eco-friendly ethosRead more

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Flower subscriptions from common farm flowers

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