Mothering Sunday flowers by post

Mothering Sunday flowers by post

Here at Common Farm Flowers in the ancient village of Charlton Musgrove we talk about Mothers' Day in the old way.  In the UK, Mothering Sunday is still celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  Mothering Sunday is officially the Feast of Mother Church, and in this village the congregation has been known to troop out of St John's in the middle of the service and give the building a hug (we like a bit of a walk about in the middle of church here.) Traditionally, Mothering Sunday was a day when the servant class were allowed to walk home after church to spend the day with their families, and people would pick posies of hedgerow flowers, violets, primroses, wild daffs, to give to their mothers when they got home.  Here there are kind ladies in the village (not I!) who get together on the Saturday and make posies which are taken to church and handed out to all the ladies of the congregation during the service.  It's a charming tradition and I love it.

Why don't I make the posies for the church service?  Well, the awful thing is I'm a bit flat out making bouquets for my kind customers.  And I love that I go to church on Sunday morning, and my children bring me a posy which I haven't made in the middle of the service.  

What will we have to put in our Mothering Sunday bouquets?  Well, ranunculus, tulips, narcissi, daffs, willow, and lots lots more...  All British flowers, grown not flown, fresh from our farming friends in Cornwall.

To order flowers for Mothering Sunday (or Mothers' Day if you will,) please see our website.  We'll be sending out Mothering Sunday flowers most of next week, and there'll be bouquets to be picked up on Saturday, and I have a couple of lovely brides coming to see me on Saturday next week, so it'll be busy in a good way and we hope we'll be sending out flowers for you.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

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