Flowers for a chic winter wedding

Join Georgie as she creates flowers for a teeny little winter wedding. Not quite an elopement, this wedding only has 11 guests including the bride and groom - what will Georgie make for them?

October 2022 News

As our flower season draws to a close, there's still an awful lot to look forward to at Common Farm Flowers. Read on for all the news!

Early Autumn funeral flowers

Join Georgie as she creates two beautiful Autumnal funeral arrangements - a stunning wreath, inspired by the Queen, and a colourful sheaf of freshly cut, seasonal flowers.

September Tour Of The Flower Farm

Join Georgie on her YouTube video, where she takes you on a tour of the flower farm in early September.

September 2022 News

Well hello friends.  I’m sorry I’ve been rather a stranger to the newsletter over the past few months, but the summer is always a tough time for m...

June 2022 News

May sped by in a blur of weddings and in June it's all workshops, weddings and busy busy in the garden!

June in the garden

Find out what's happening in the garden at Common Farm Flowers this June.

May 2022 News

What a busy couple of weeks - a big wedding and a few minutes on Woman's Hour, plus what we are up to on the farm and on our workshops over the next few weeks.

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Eco friendly flower farming at Common Farm Flowers

Our eco-friendly ethosRead more

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Flower subscriptions from common farm flowers

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